The AccroSeal™ Difference

What makes us so unique and qualified to be your partner?

  • In-house molding, including PEEK – true vertical integration. Since we go from resin blends to finished parts, we can meet aggressive schedules, use the right blend for the right application, and adapt to changes. Most machining companies do not mold in-house and must rely on billet suppliers. This results in long lead times, limited compound availability (compromised fit to the application), oversized billets resulting in wasted material (higher costs), little flexibility to schedule changes, almost no way to do prototype work for small quantities.
  • Over 30+ years of experience in material selection, research and development and prototyping
  • Over 30+ years of amassed tooling allowing molded billets near net size lowering costs
  • Over 200 proprietary Accrolon® blends allowing the right material for the right application
  • State of the art CNC equipment with live tools eliminating second operations, part rehandling, improving quality and lowering costs
  • Quality compliance systems at every step from molding to finished part to shipping and packaging
  • Kan Ban partnership programs by which we will commit to 3 day delivery on any part on the program, allowing you to eliminate inventory and reduce or eliminate your in-house QA oversight
  • Certifications and awards from some of the most demanding customers in the world, outlining a track record of success in the industry
  • The AccroSeal® Customer Service Guarantee: We will answer the telephone in two rings or less, you will never be put into voice mail unless you request it, and a live person will always be available to assist you.

Bottom line, this allows us to always be on-time, without rejections. What does it mean to your organization to know that our components will always be there when you need them and always be right?

When you combine our Accrolon® compounds with our vertical integration (molding to finished parts), in house PEEK molding, over 550 net to size tooling molds, state of the art equipment, supplier partnerships, engineering expertise (30+ years with polymers), custom compounding and prototyping, fast lead times and dozens of suppliers awards and certifications, you will find that no other company can match the value we can add to you organization.

Give us the chance to meet with you. Allow us an opportunity to prove how we can gain your trust and improve your product line through mutually beneficial partnering. We are a Michigan manufacturer, our products are 100% made in the USA and we are proud to be a success story in these times of outsourcing.  Call 269-649-1014 today to talk to a live AccroSeal® company representative and let us get to work for you!