Paper and Pulp

Accro-Seal® has been servicing the Pulp and Paper industry for 30 years.  Our staff is familiar with the industry and we can assist you with your maintenance problems to reduce downtime and high maintenance costs.

Accrolon® 9000 Series Bearings and Bushings

  • Accrolon® bearings and bushings are non-metallic and have dry running capabilities
  • Accrolon® bearings and bushings are specialty formulated for each individual application.
  • Suitable for dryers, pumps, agitators, refiners, pulpers, fans, calendars, winders, and wet end rolls


Accro-Seal PLE® Seal Set

  • Outlasts and out performs braided packing
  • 1/3 the cost of mechanical seals
  • Can be packed while machinery is in service
  • Suitable for pumps as well as a variety of other rotating equipment

Accrolube® Specialty Greases

  • Accrolube® for high temperatures and high loads
  • Accrolube® MG fortified with Moly for dry film lubrication
  • Accrolube® FG for use in non-staining food grade applications


Specialty Machined Components

  • Over 60 different Accrolon® compounds
  • State of the art production facilities


Gaskets and Gasket Material

  • Large inventory of gasket materials in stock
  • In-house die manufacturing
  • 1 piece emergency service


Braided Packing, Rubber O-Rings, and Miscellaneous Distribution

  • Large packing inventory from SEPCO, Chem-Star, Teadit, Palmetto, Phelps, and American Packing
  • Large rubber o-ring inventory and vulcanizing service
  • Distributor of miscellaneous products from plastic film to packaging materials