Public Utility

Our Accrolon® 9000 series dryer bearings are designed to replace bronze bearings in processing equipment.  With Accrolon® non-metallic bearings, you can reduce or even eliminate lubrication resulting in less product scrap and a cleaner safer work environment.  Accrolon® bearings are proven to outlast bronze resulting in less downtime.  Accrolon® bearings will not gall journals resulting in reduced maintenance cost to repair or replace worn journals.  With this product alone, we have helped Public Utility reduce maintenance costs and increase production.

Our patented AccroSeal® PLE (#5507502 Patent Pending) is our other cost reducing product.  Water use on rotating equipment is often high and with increased focus can be dramatically reduced.  By reducing leakage from rotating equipment, mills can realize reductions in the amount of effluent treatment. This can assist in averting capital improvements in current wastewater treatment facilities.

Various economic concerns with water are also driving water conservation. The cost of water ranges widely depending on access, region and accounting practices. Typical filtered water and treatment costs used on sealing devices can be greater than $0.10/1000 gallons.

Rotating equipment is often overlooked as a source of water consumption. Careful selection of the proper sealing device can greatly reduce water consumption and treatment.  High flush flow rates are commonplace on many types of mill rotating equipment. Packing break in and long term leakage control become critical factors when flush flows are reduced. The AccroSeal® PLE and PLE II (#5507502 Patent Pending) demonstrate excellent results in both performance and water reduction.


  • Agitators
  • Compressors
  • Grinders
  • Dryers
  • Pumps
  • Valves

Custom components

  • 9000® Series Bushings and Bearings
  • Braided packing
  • Gaskets
  • Injectable Packing
  • Labyrinth Seals
  • Lantern Rings
  • PLE (#5507502 Patent Pending)
  • Pump wear plates and rings
  • Valve Components