Nylon 101

Nylon 101

One of the most widely used and versatile thermoplastic resins. Its combination of physical properties and reasonable price make it a favorite choice for numerous applications. Nylons toughness, wear resistance, tensile strength and lubricity make it a good choice for many mechanical machine parts.

Nylon has a consistent history of replacing other materials including: metal, brass, bronze, aluminum and rubber. In replacing metal gears in machinery, nylon can be advantageous because of its ability to reduce noise, use less lubrication and increase gear life.

Extruded nylon type 6/6 is characterized as having an excellent combination of physical properties including: a high melting point, resistant to repeated impact, low coefficient of friction and a resistance to abrasion. It has good resistance to fuels, lubricants and most chemicals, but is attacked by phenols, strong acids and oxidizing agents.


  • Good mechanical and electrical properties
  • Ideal balance of strength and toughness
  • FDA, USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy Compliant


  • Bearings, Bushings, Sleeves
  • Wear Pads & Strips
  • Insulators
  • Scraper Blades
  • Valve seats, seals