PLE Sealing System


AccroSeal® PLE Sealing System

(#5507502 Patent Pending)

This innovative sealing system allows the elimination of flush water and easily accommodates standard stuffing boxes.  Significant cost savings are realized over braided packing, dynamic or mechanical seals.  The system lasts up to three times longer than standard packing.  Additional packing is injected as needed through the box’s port while the equipment is running. The inherent lubricity of the packing and the Accrolon® polymer reduces friction and wear.


How It Works

The PLE Sealing System (#5507502 Patent Pending) promises cost and performance benefits in sealing the rotating shafts of pumps and other equipment.  Designed to work in a standard stuffing box, the system uses four rings fabricated from Accrolon® 1505/1640 polymer and an injectable packing compound.  The shaft compression and bore expansion rings interface with each other creating enhanced sealing.  They wedge together to force one ring against the shaft and the other against the stuffing box bore.  As the two rings are installed in the bottom of the stuffing box, subsequent pressure from the injectable sealant keeps them energized.  The other two parts are anti-extrusion rings that hold the injectable (putty-like) sealant within the box preventing extrusion.  The patented material composition along with the ring geometry gives the optimum seal life without shaft scoring or downtime.


Features / Benefits

  • PLE (#5507502 Patent Pending) runs dry without flush.
  • Water reduction and water treatment cost reduction.
  • Eliminate auxiliary equipment costs such as flow indicators, needle valves, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Handles temperatures to 575 deg F.
  • Food grade and industrial material options.
  • Seals off stuffing box eliminating problems that abrasives cause in the seal chamber
  • No need to run water lines to pump – benefit in remote or outdoor winter conditions.
  • Replace expensive/problematic split mechanical seals for ¼ of the cost.
  • Does not wear pump shaft or sleeve.
  • Self centering
  • PTFE Boundary Lubricant
  • Equalized Pressure
  • Longer Life
  • Less Maintenance – can be re-energized when equipment is running or during shutdown.
  • Less Heat Build Up
  • All Combined / Best ROI vs. All Else!