Rotary Lip Seals

Precision Engineered Seals Manufactured to Customer Specifications

Rotary Lip SealSpring Energized Seals are sealing devices consisting of a PTFE or other polymer seal jacket, energized by a corrosion resistant metal spring. When the seal is seated in the gland, the spring is under compression applying force on the gland sealing surfaces, thereby creating a tight barrier to prevent gas or fluids from leaking.

Helical Spring, Slanted Coil Spring, and V or U Spring

The spring also provides resiliency to compensate for seal wear, gland misalignment or eccentricity. While spring force provides adequate force for sealing at low pressure, at high pressure the system pressure augments the spring force to provide an even tighter seal. rotary3Accrolon TM seals are precision machined from PTFE, filled PTFE and other high performance polymers.

Accroseal® partners with the premier Spring Manufacturers in the U.S., to provide a duo of engineering specialties.  Our ability to custom manufacture the seal jacket to customer specifications, coupled with our spring partners provides a service you won’t find anywhere else.  With a 2 week standard lead-time!

  •  Accroseal® can engineer any seal, including Spring Energized Seals
  • AccroSeal’s® Engineering Department will work with Customer’s Engineering Department to create a seal that fits the application


Sanitary or High-Purity Application? 

Ask us about our ability custom inject liquid silicone.  To fill seal glands, preventing the media from stagnating.